Welcome to St.Paul's Childcare Centre

We create play-based learning environments that allow children to learn through discovery and experimentation. Our highly trained staff oversee children’s play to encourage enquiry and secure children’s safety at all times. We care for children in an environment where learning is fun so that love of learning is the foundation for a child’s life.

Our Mission

An environment in which all children are supported to reach their full potential.

The childcare centre is a brand-new nursery located in Guardamangia. We offer excellent and flexible opening hours. The centre caters for kids all under the professional care of certified carers and offers a balance of education, play, physical activities as well as social development.

Our Services

Guaranteed to leave your mind at peace.


Our Aim is to provide a healthy and safe environment to our little ones, by introducing stimulating activities tailored to meet the child’s needs.


Start building a better future for your kids.

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