The Team

Meet the Team



Donha Muscat

I'm Donha Muscat. I'm the Principal of St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre. My role is to take care of the employees and run the centre. I chose this line of work as during my Masters in Business Administration, I became aware how working parents struggle to balance a job and caring for their children. Especially when their work offers little to no flexibility in hours. I wanted to open a childcare centre to help and support working parents in this regard. In doing so, parents will not feel limited in the ways they can boost their children's social, emotional, and cognitive development on a tight schedule. I consider myself to be an energetic, super patient, and understanding of both the staff and children's needs and wants. The most rewarding thing about my job is that in this line of work I am able to make the children's day brighter because of our University qualified carers and other professionals, who seek to supervise, educate, and encourage the children to the highest standards. My proudest achievement will always be the opening of this Centre, because in doing so, I am not only making the children happy in a fun learning environment, but also putting the parents' mind at ease.

Maryam Ayub

My name is Maryam Ayub. I am the general manager of St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre. My role is to plan, direct and coordinate the activities, including supervising other staff, developing programs to promote the children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Being a mother too, I can value and understand the parent’s perception. With this in mind, the children will not just be well taken care of, but also learning a step further.

Michelle Rojas

I am Michelle Rojas, a Colombian with more than 4 years of experience in early years, with a passion for this profession. I am willing to offer the best of me to guarantee excellent care for the children. I believe in fostering a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can thrive and develop their unique abilities. My approach is centred on creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences that cater to each child's individual needs. I am committed to continuous professional development to ensure I provide the highest quality of care and education.

Clarisa Lacson

My name is Clarisa Lacson, a full-time child educator, working with St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre. I am a very caring person, and love to give the children the tender loving care they deserve. I have experience in teaching children and willing to share my knowledge and skills so the children will find joy in learning something new. I consider myself to be a very positive mentor in a child's life. I love to play with them games such as hide and seek, doing crafts, and dancing. I believe in learn through play, and enjoy to play with them by giving the children educational activities to enhance their cognitive abilities.


Hello everyone! I'm Josephine, a proud member of the St. Paul's Childcare family. With 53 years of life experience and four wonderful grandchildren, I bring a deep sense of love and dedication to my role as a childcare educator. Known for my patience, kindness, and empathy, I strive to create a nurturing environment where every child feels cherished and supported. Let's continue this journey together, enriching the lives of our little ones and building lasting connections.


My name is Sabina. I'm a mother to a lovely baby boy and a child carer to the sweetest babies ever! I've always loved babies and children and now working with them at St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre is the best experience. Every child is unique and being with them in every step from the beginning, watching them gaining a new skill through creative and educational activities, while they grow up so fast is a huge responsibility and pleasure! These tiny humans are the reminder how amazing this world is!

Gilda Prendi

My name is Gilda Prendi. I am 30 years old, and I work as a Child educator in St. Paul Childcare. I am very sensitive towards children, so I do everything necessary to provide a warm and loving environment for them. Also, being the mother of a little boy, makes me even more dedicated because I know their needs and feelings better. I worked as a teacher before with an older generation, but now I am very happy to be among these little people who give nothing but love.

Andjelija Stosic

Hi my name is Andjelija Stosic and I am currently working for St. Paul's Childcare Centre Limited. I am excited to be working in such a beautiful and caring environment. I am very passionate about working with children! I love the energy they bring and being able to see them grow and develop new skills every day is a great experience. Taking care of children offers me the opportunity to continue doing what I love and broadening my experiences.

Rechelle Ann

Hi, I am Rechelle Ann, I am from Philippines and I am living the best 6 years of my life on this beautiful island, Malta. I am a degree holder with 3-year experience working as a child educator. I am a mom of two beautiful kids, and being a mother made me a better professional. Being a part of St. Paul's Childcare is a blessing for me as when you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family. Coming home every night to my kids reminded me of what I was working for. I applied all the lessons I learned from work to home. Remember that a happy mother is a good mother.