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Provide a healthy and safe environment to your little ones.

Our Aim is to provide a healthy and safe environment to our little ones, by introducing stimulating activities tailored to meet the child’s needs. At St. Paul’s Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre we create a colourful world for our children by involving them in fun loving activities such as cooking, singing, dancing, puppet shows, outdoor activities, swimming, Zumba, crafts, outings and much more. This will help children develop a sense of appreciation towards learning by participating in a playful and enjoyable experience.

We are part of the Government Free Childcare Incentive. Working parents benefit from free childcare. We also offer the tax rebate scheme for parents to claim €1300 back from the annual childcare fees.


Provide your child with a sound foundation to start kindergarten.

Children at St. Paul’s Childcare and Pre-Learning Centreare given individual attention. Progress is monitored on a daily basis and discussed with the parents.

We operate in line with EU Regulations for both the structure and operation of childcare facilities, as certified by the Department of Social Welfare.

The benefits are clear. Children start making friends and acquire social skills in a friendly, playful and educational environment. At St.Paul's Childcare we prepare the children to have an easy transition to kindergarten whilst having fun.

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