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About SPC Pre-School

Provide a healthy and safe environment to your little ones.

At St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre Limited we stimulate activities tailor-made to meet the children's needs by providing them with fun activities such as crafts, baking, singing, dancing, puppet shows, outdoor activities, swimming, Zumba, outings and much more. This will promote the child's development and creates a sense of belonging towards learning by participating in fun experiences.

St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre Limited is part of the Free Government Scheme.


Provide your child with a sound foundation to start kindergarten.

Children at St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre Limited are given individual attention. Progress is continuously supervised  and discussed with the parents.

We operate in line with EU Regulations for both the framework and operation of childcare facilities, as certified by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE).

Children start obtaining social skills in a friendly, fun and educational environment. They start making their own circle of friends at  St. Paul's Childcare and Pre-Learning Centre Limited, and by the age of 3, they will be well-prepared to start attending primary school.

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